Conference 2018, June, Borovets / 2018-06-08

The BGOUG Spring Conference will take place from June 8 to June 10 2018 in hotel Rila in Borovets resort.


The event is organized with kind support of our partners:



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Participation terms and packages


Speakers and topics 


Database and Server Technology 

  • Georgi Kodinov, Senior Software Development Manager, ORACLE, The new data dictionary in MySQL 8.0: what does it mean to you ?
  • Robert Lockard , President, Oraclewizard, Transparent Database Encryption
  • Robert Lockard , President, Oraclewizard, A Holistic Approach to Database Security
  • Kamil Stawiarski , founder, ORA-600, Why do we learn a low level approach? The history of APEX upgrade that went terribly wrong
  • Maurice Aelion , Senior DBA & IT Consultant, Maurice Aelion Consultants, Oracle Database 12c R1 & R2 Best New Features
  • Maurice Aelion , Senior DBA & IT Consultant, Maurice Aelion Consultants, Oracle sql Tuning for Developers and DBA's
  • Andy Rivenes, Product Manager, ORACLE, How to identify the right workload for Database In-Memory
  • Simeon Stefanov, DBA,Enterprise Services Bulgaria, Artful Oracle database solutions
  • Gregg Christman, Product Manager, ORACLE, Data and Index Compression – Getting the Best Out of Oracle Compression
  • Joze Senegacnik , Owner, DBProf


Design and Development 

  • Susan Duncan, Product Manager, ORACLE, Database DevOps and Agile Development with Open-Source Utilities
  • Susan Duncan, Product Manager, ORACLE, Accelerated Oracle JET - Visual JavaScript/HTML5 Cloud Development
  • Richard Martens , Founding partner, SMART4solutions, APEX: adding client-side behaviour using knockout
  • Richard Martens , Founding partner, SMART4solutions, APEX 5.2: Using RESTfull services and remote SQL
  • Andy Rivenes, Product Manager, ORACLE, Oracle Database In-Memory By Example
  • Piet De Visser , DBA&Consultant,PDVBV sprs/bvba, An Oracle person Venturing into PostgreSQL
  • Piet De Visser , DBA&Consultant,PDVBV sprs/bvba, SmartDB: What worked and what did not work


Business and Strategy

  • Kamil Stawiarski , founder, ORA-600, They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it's not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance.” (T. Pratchett) Performance tricks learned from low level developers that can be used in practically any language
  • Irina Yonova-Anderson, Senior Business Analyst, Electronic Arts, Working Scrum



 - Oracle ACE Director,  - Oracle ACE,  - Oracle ACE Associate



Call for papers, please submit before 2018, April 30


For the forthcoming conference we are looking for topics in the following areas of interest, related to Oracle products and technologies:

  • Database Administration and Tuning
  • Design and Development
  • Cross Stream (Cloud Computing, Enterprise Management, Engineered Systems )
  • Middleware (Business Intelligence, Content Management )
  • Oracle Applications
  • Case studies and success stories


If you have experience related to any of these topics we would love to hear from you.

It is preferable the duration of the presentations to be 60 minutes including the time for Q&A.

A free pass for the conference sessions will be offered to a speaker only for full time presentations, with educational, technical or practical orientation and with no product positioning. A free conference pass would not be offered for a marketing or vendor presentation. BGOUG offers a free conference pass to one speaker per conference presentation. All speakers have to send their presentations in PDF, ZIP, RAR format after the conference.


The BGOUG Agenda team will approve the submitted presentations on a monthly basis. At each meeting the sessions with majority votes will be approved, the rest will be reviewed at the next meeting. For more information, please contact the agenda team info at


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