Conference 2017, November, Pravets / 2017-11-17


The BGOUG Autumn Conference will take place from November 17 to November 19 2017 in hotel RIU Pravets Resort.



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TestFest Event

For the second time BGOUG will run TestFest event in partnership with Oracle University. During the conference days all registered participants can do a certification exam and take advantage of 50% discount of the Oracle University exam prices. 

  • How to register
    • Choose a certification exam: Oracle Certification Exams List
    • Start to prepare :)
    • Register for the conference : BGOUG Profile Registration Form  
    • Book a time slot when to take the exam and explicitly add exam code and name: from the conference registration form, button „Register for TestFest. You can check the list with the exams you have enrolled for from HERE.
    • Pay to BGOUG the exam fee (50% from the standard price ) before November 3, 2017. (we will issue a proform invoice for the payment )
    • Create a profile on Pearson Vue site:  (button Create Account)
    • On the exam day, please be 10 minutes before the booked time slot in Hall Е in hotel RIU Pravets Resort .


Sessions and Speakers 


Key Notes

  • Julian Dontcheff , Managing Director, Accenture Global Database Lead, Accenture Enkitec Group, DBAs versus Autonomous Databases
  • George Alexandrov, Country Managing Director, ORACLE, Oracle World Today


Database and Server Technology 

  • Craig Shallahamer ,  President & DBA, OraPub, Laugh Your Way To Understanding Oracle, Queuing Theory & Performance
  • Craig Shallahamer ,  President & DBA, OraPub, Maximizing Oracle Buffer Cache Throughput
  • Joze Senegacnik , Owner, DBProf, Statistics gathering in Oracle 12.2
  • Kamil Stawiarski , founder, ORA-600, So what actually ROLLBACK is?
  • Kamil Stawiarski , founder, ORA-600, VOODOO - the black magic of cheep cross-database replication
  • Georgi Kodinov, Senior Software Development Manager, ORACLE, MySQL in docker containers
  • Dmitry Remizov, Database community local lead, Deutsche Bank, Dances with cursors
  • Radu Parvu, Infrastructure Senior Principal, Accenture Enkitec Group, Times Ten Velocity Scale: Next Gen IMDB
  • Ivica Arsov , Senior Database Consultant, Pythian, Automate DBA Tasks With Ansible
  • Cristian Termure, Georgi Terziyski, Hardware Sales Consultant, ORACLE, Best Data Protection with Oracle Database on Oracle Systems
  • Nigel Bayliss, Optimizer Product Manager, ORACLE, Optimizer Adaption from Oracle Database 11g to Oracle Database 12c Release 2
  • Martin Toshev, IT Consultant, BG Java User Group, Semantic Technology in Oracle Database 12c


Design and Development 

  • Bryn Llewellyn, ORACLE, Ten Rules for Doing a PL/SQL Performance Experiment
  • Bryn Llewellyn, ORACLE, Guarding your data behind a hard shell PL/SQL API—the detail
  • Robert Lockard , President, Oraclewizard, Oracle Database Security Evaluation
  • Robert Lockard , President, Oraclewizard, Holistic Application Security
  • Susan Duncan, Product Manager, ORACLE, DevOps and Agile Methodology for Oracle Databases Projects
  • Susan Duncan, Product Manager, ORACLE, Visual HTML5/JavaScript/REST Development with Oracle ABCS
  • Kuassi Mensah, Director, Product Management, Java Best Practices for Developing and Deploying against Oracle Database Cloud services
  • Martin Toshev, IT Consultant, BG Java User Group, Java 9 security enhancements in practice
  • Trayan Iliev, CEO, IPT - Intellectual Products & Technologies, What’s New in Java 9?
  • Erik Van Roon, Oracle Database Developer/Consultant, EvROCS, Calling userdefined functions from SQL queries got faster in Oracle 12c
  • Erik Van Roon, Oracle Database Developer/Consultant, EvROCS, Handling errors during bulk DML operations


Middleware (Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Content Management )

  • Tanya Stoyanova, Team Leader, TechnoLogica, Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management
  • Osama Mustafa , Principle Oracle Consultant, Gurus Solutions, Playing with Oracle on Docker containers
  • Hristo Panteleev, Senior Administrator, VIVACOM, How to make OBIEE mass data extraction tool ?!


Cross Stream (Cloud Computing, Big Data, Engineered Systems )

  • Kuassi Mensah, Director, Product Management, Turning Oracle Tables into Hadoop, Spark, Flink and Beam Datasources
  • Georgi Moykin, Cloud Domain Consultant, ORACLE, API Platform – use cases for financial institutions
  • Georgi Moykin, Cloud Domain Consultant, ORACLE, Cloud Native Microservices and DevOps
  • Daniela Milanova, Cloud Technology Customer Advisor, ORACLE, Rapid Troubleshooting with APM Cloud Service and Deep Dive Diagnostics with Log Analytics Cloud Service
  • Cloud Discussion


Business and Strategy

  • Joel Goodman, Global Technical Lead, Database Certifications, ORACLE, Understanding and Preparing for Oracle DBA Certification Exams 
  • Osama Mustafa , Principle Oracle Consultant, Gurus Solutions, Oracle Cloud for Dummies
  • Javier Huerta, Manager, KPMG Spain, Supply Chain Management with Oracle Cloud R13
  • Yavor Ivanov, DBA Manager, Paysafe Bulgaria EOOD, How to "sell" the Oracle Engineered Systems idea to your managers
  • Ina Naydenova, Senior Consultant Software Development, TechnoLogica, GDPR: What your IT team needs to know?
  • GDPR Discussion


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